WWF Canada

Public Engagement Campaign - Brand Identity, Print, Digital, Social Media

WWF Canada wants everyone to get outside and connect with nature, so they created the 'Go Wild' campaign, a program that invites people to come up with innovative ways to get more people out in nature. WWF Canada will support the 5 best ideas with up to $1000 each to make them happen. 
The campaign idea visually connects urban to nature and different people to different ways to enjoy nature – whether out in the wilderness or closer to home, a bocci match or planting a community garden, a personal POV lets the viewer get inspired by seeing themselves in the scene. To encourage sharing, the campaign uses a medium we're all familiar with, the Instagram pic, which inherently invites people to share what they're doing. 
wwf.ca/gowild       (Campaign launched March 5, 2015 until April 15, 2015.)
A logo was created to brand the campaign. It resembles a summer camp badge and visually connects urban areas with the great outdoors, invites the viewer in, and makes being active in nature a badge of honour. Whether on a camping trip miles from the city or a picnic in your neighbourhood park, we can all connect to nature in our own way, feel a sense of accomplishment and belonging in the outdoors, and become stewards of the environment.
A poster for schools and organizations to display to get people to participate in the campaign.
French version for our nature-loving friends in Québec.
Banners were created for WWF Canada's website homepage and campaign page.
WWF Canada's Facebook page.
Remember getting badges at summer camp? This is a social media spec idea that engages people and rewards those who share ideas and their nature experiences through Twitter or Facebook by awarding virtual badges.
Badge idea © Deborah Caprara 2017. Do not reproduce without consent.
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