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Web Design and Animation Development

Today’s volunteer wants to give as well as get something out of volunteering. Young people want to meet new friends while adding experience to their resumes; families want to spend meaningful time together while passing along values; professionals want to network while broadening their skills; and boomers want fulfillment by mentoring and passing along their years of knowledge. We took those research findings and strategically created this website to inspire volunteerism through vignettes that show the things people are looking to get out of time spent doing good – all in a fun, engaging way.

This website won an Excellence Award, Community Relations category from The International Association of Business Communicators, 2012 Ovation Awards.

We turned those motivating factors found in research into fun, interesting statements that would appeal to a cross-section of people interested in volunteering. Which one speaks to you?
Click on "I want my kids to learn early that it's good to help" and watch a storybook tell the tale of a family who didn't like seeing their local pond polluted and volunteered to do something about it.
This animated story tells of how one man who wanted the world to be more awesome, built a skating rink for the kids in his community and ultimately helped create an Olympic champion. Awesome.

This one goes out to the soft-hearted Metal heads, 'Professor Guitaro – a Volunteering Metal Ballad'.
Maybe you're more of a crusader, a champion for those who can't speak. This heartbreaking true story of tragedy and the trek to seek justice might inspire you to volunteer in social justice, and maybe even start your own movement.


Creative Directors: Jim Diorio, Debra Sharp
Art Director: Deborah Caprara
Copywriters: Jim Diorio, Joe O'Neill, Debra Sharp
Web Developers: Jam 3
Music: Trevor Mann

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