Humane Society International

Social Media Advocacy Campaign

The World Bank Group which finances the majority of farms globally launched a review of their safeguard policies. The current policy regarding animal welfare is substandard and outdated. By simply updating the sentence pertaining to animal welfare in the policy, the standard for how billions of farm animals are confined would be forever changed. This social media advocacy campaign was created for Humane Society International to help make this policy change a reality.

Update July 2016: The campaign was a huge success! The final draft of the World Bank Group's Safeguard Policies now include a reference to meaningful animal welfare standards that would prohibit some of the most abusive practices in animal agriculture, including the cruel confinement of animals in battery cages and gestation crates on large-scale facilities.

Update October 2016: This campaign also won a Communication Arts Award of Excellence! See all the winning work including this campaign:

Created with Grassriots, Toronto
Creative Director: Paul Bonsell
Art Directors: Deborah Caprara, Paul Bonsell
Copywriter: Paul Bonsell
Photographer/Digital Artist: Mark Ridout

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