Facing Cancer

Identity and Website Design

Facing Cancer is a program created to help fill a gap that existed for women going through cancer. Many websites address the medical needs but there was no online resource that addressed the psychosocial ones. Women are usually the primary caregivers and often feel guilty, helpless and depressed when they fall ill and can no longer take care of the household. They may feel the need to stay strong and keep up appearances, and may have no one to confide in about what's really going on – which can have an effect on recovery. By providing an open, friendly forum, the website invites them to connect in a safe, private community where they can talk, share, support each other and feel less alone on their journey to recovery. 

A logo was created to brand the program. Warm pink and energetic orange were used to give a feeling of empathy, compassion, support, friendliness, positivity and vitality. The two people facing each other using emoticons represent people coming together online.
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