About Me

I’m an advertising Creative Director, an Art Director and a Graphic Designer.  
I’m also a consumer, I'm the target market, and sometimes I'm a charitable donor. I, too, have to decide between a dozen different brands on a store shelf. Or which bank will handle my RSPs. Or who will get my charitable donation this year. And that guides me to be thoughtful, clear, creative, thought-provoking, entertaining, honest, and positive about every message I send out there, because I’m also the one receiving it.
I’ve spent the last 20 years honing the ability to connect to people on an emotional level – bringing brand experiences and social causes into their lives in truthful, relevant, meaningful ways. I have a passion for advertising and design because I have a passion for creative problem solving, creating and sharing experiences, connecting to people and influencing them in ways that make a positive impact in their lives and in the world.
I’m excited by what’s next. I am in awe of all the new media and technology available today and the power it has to get an idea to reach, affect and transform anyone, anywhere. I’ve got my eye on everything. Science, pop culture, trends, art, design, advertising, architecture, city planning, social media, social issues, world events, TED Talks, music, film, sport, technology, everything. I’m interested in branded content (wish I had thought of pairing Red Bull with Felix Baumgartner), integrating social media with brands in ways people actually invite them into their lives, apps and interactive technology that provide new experiences or familiar ones in new and unexpected ways, product innovation and design, corporate social responsibility and the role social good plays in brand leadership, in commerce, and the impact it can and will have on the future. And whatever else tomorrow holds. Exciting times ahead.
I'm just getting started.
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